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Early-stage newspace startup need funding, skilled and motivated associates as well as mentors and partners. At SpaceMeUP, we make it easier for entrepreneurs to find them.

Why SpaceMeUP ?

SpaceMeUP enables the creation of space related projects and helps fostering innovation while democratizing access to space tourism. Our platform brings together all major players of the ecosystem and promotes interaction between them.


SpaceMeUP is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to aerospace startups and the only one that offers its community a chance to experience space tourism for backing projects.


We believe networking should be simple so we decided to create the first talent pool of the aerospace sector. Connect to space enthusiasts, find inspiration or opportunities becomes easier with SpaceMeUP.


Twice a year, a competition is organized to define, select and fund the next Space Prize that will challenge startups to meet the objectives our community imagined. Our goal ? Fostering innovation while letting you choose what are the stakes of the New Space.


At SpaceMeUP, we are convinced that early-stage startups can boost their business using off-the-shelf solutions offered by other new space ventures. To make sure they end up with the right service, we have created a tendering system working as a reverse auction.

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